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  • Welcome to my blog! This space will be used for posts on topics relating to current weather, research discussion, and occasional non-weather topics. Check out the latest post below, or head on over to the archive for older posts!
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    Tropical Storm Fiona: Challenging Forecast Ahead
    Tomer Burg | 15 September 2022 | Current Weather
    Tropical Storm Fiona, the 6th named storm of this largely inactive Atlantic hurricane season, developed into a tropical cyclone yesterday in the open Atlantic waters. Unlike previous hurricanes Danielle and Earl, Fiona is expected to directly affect large swaths of land with heavy rain, flooding and gusty winds incoming to some of the Caribbean islands. Afterwards, Fiona's forecast becomes highly uncertain, both track and intensity wise, and it is too early to make any definitive calls regarding whether it will directly affect the United States and if so, then where.

    This forecast post is generally oriented at the public, analyzing the latest observations with Tropical Storm Fiona, why the forecast is so uncertain, and some key points to keep in mind over the next few days as we continue to monitor Fiona.

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