Tomer BurgPhD Student

I am currently a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oklahoma, working under the advisement of Dr. Steven Cavallo. I previously received my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Atmospheric Science from the University at Albany, State University of New York, alonside minors in Computer Science and Mathematics, before moving to the University of Oklahoma for my Ph.D. studies.

My current research focuses on Tropopause Polar Vortices (TPVs), which are coherent long-lived vortices primarily found in the Arctic tropopause. TPVs in the Arctic can affect arctic cyclones and sea ice melt, but can also enter the midlatitudes where they can result in a wide range of impacts from cold air outbreaks to rapid cyclogenesis and Rossby Wave initiation. These features are only relatively new in literature, with research on TPV impacts rapidly expanding in the last few years. Thus improving our understanding of TPVs is important for improving forecast skill in the Arctic and subsequently midlatitudes, as well as improving their representation in climate models.

I have been a weather enthusiast for many years, having been fascinated by snowstorms, severe weather and forecasting growing up in New Jersey. My experiences in the Northeast U.S. and the South Plains exposed me to a wide variety of weather phenomena, and while my primary research is on Arctic meteorology, just about every meteorological phenomenon fascinates me. I've also been interested in computer programming and web development for many years, having nearly having pursued a Computer Science major in my undergraduate years. My interest in both fields fueled my passion for combining meteorology and computer programming; some of my extracurricular side projects include compiling detailed analyses of Northeast U.S. snowstorms, co-founding a tropical cyclone Python package, and developing this website entirely from scratch.

Outside of work, I am an enthusiastic computer programmer with all sorts of coding languages, especially Python, and web development. When I'm not working or coding I enjoy spending plenty of time outdoors, whether running, hiking, photography, or adventuring/exploring new areas.

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