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  • This page contains a variety of quick calculation tools useful for meteorological purposes.

    Bomb Cyclone Calculator

    A "Bomb Cyclone" was first defined by Sanders and Gyakum (1980), such that a deepening of 24 hPa or more over a 24-hour period using a reference latitude of 60N yields a Bergeron unit of 1.0.

    To derive the "Bergeron units", the decrease in central minimum pressure of an extratropical cyclone over a 24-hour period needs to be normalized by a latitude factor. Use this tool to quickly calculate whether a cyclone you're looking at qualifies as a bomb cyclone!

    Start MSLP:

    Cyclone minimum MSLP (hPa) at the start of the 24-hour period
    End MSLP:

    Cyclone minimum MSLP (hPa) at the end of the 24-hour period

    Midpoint latitude (degrees) during the 24-hour window

    N/A Bergeron
    Enter values above